"She has always been very hardworking, concientious towards the dogs and clients, honest and dependable... a valuable asset for Pro-Train Innovative Dog Training...taught in a professional and enthusiastic manner. She is well liked by all that know her and will be a valuable addition to any program that she associates with." - Mark Castillero, Pro-Train Dog Training, Vista, CA.

"Caroline Hillard is a fabulous dog trainer! She trained our families' service animal, a Labrador retriever. Our dog started out as a hyper chocolate lab puppy who, thanks to Caroline, wound up being a very well behaved, well adjusted and happy retriever extraordinaire. One of our dog's specialties is picking things up for someone who cannot bend down to get them, which she does brilliantly. She taught our family all about dog behavior and needs, more than I ever expected. Caroline really understands dogs. She is very experienced, highly skilled, kind, warm... a tremendous trainer who can address ANY dog training need. We HIGHLY recommend her!" - Jeanette Kangas, Pro-Train Client, San Diego, CA.

Kara Peterson's Spirit

I meet Caroline Hilliard at Pro-Train in San Diego, Ca, I was in need of a new medical alert service dog. Caroline really cares about her clients and the dogs. She does everything she can to find a perfect match, she knew exactly what I needed, and I trusted her fully with picking the right new service dog for me. She made the training lessons very easy to follow, and showed me a lot of skills I did not know with my previous service dog. She made me comfortable and encouraged me. I have had several dog trainers that I have worked with. I found that Caroline truly is an instructor with the highest knowledge of dogs. Caroline is an excellent trainer and I would recommend her to anyone in need of training. I can still call her at anytime to discuss issues or new problems. - Kara Peterson, Pro-Train Client, Santa Barbara CA.

"As a wheelchair and crutch user, I never felt safe taking my Husky for walks, for the well-founded fear that she would pull me down or chase a critter to somewhere that I couldn't follow. In an amazingly short period of time, Caroline taught me how to mold my ever-pulling, bunny-chasing husky into an attentive, polite and trustworthy crutching and wheeling companion. She provided, to both my dog and I, the skills and confidence that we needed to enjoy the outdoors together. - Danielle Peers, Edmonton, AB.

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