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All class sizes are kept small (max. 5 dogs) to keep individualized attention high. We will be leaving the building to work our dogs in the community from time to time so please dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. For safety, dogs need to be wearing collars that can not be pulled over their heads, also please bring a 3-6 foot nylon or (preferably) leather leash.
Please call for more information, class schedules, or to register.

Puppy Basics:
Owners will be taught how to start their puppies out on the right foot, from good manners and focus to house breaking.
Confidence building, proper socializing, and teaching puppies to love being great followers will be stressed.

6 weeks, one hour classes $150.00

Manners and basic obedience:
Focus is the focus of this class, learn how to get your dog to want to be attentive no matter what the distractions.
Basic obedience vocabulary, leash manners, how to create good habits for a well mannered dog, and real life solutions for basic behavioral problems will be covered.
8 weeks, 1 & ¼ hour classes, $210.00

Challenge obedience:
This class is for owners whose dogs who know their vocabulary, but don't always listen, or for anybody who just wants to polish up and proof their obedience. We will be working with high levels of distractions and covering off leash work with dogs that are ready for it.
6 weeks, 1 & ¼ hour classes, $180.00

Kids and Canines:
Get the kids involved! Bring your leash trained, friendly dog, and your kids will be shown how to teach Fido some fun tricks. This class teaches kids to be strong, kind leaders while they play train the family pet. We will also touch on grooming and basic dog care, how to greet dogs they don't know and what to do if a dog acts aggressively, but mostly the class is just about kids having fun with dogs!
8 weeks, 1 hour classes. $80.00 for one child, $40.00 for a sibling, max two kids per dog. This class is best suited for children 7+

Customized training:

This is right for you and your dog if:
-You need your dog to stop a problem behavior like biting, jumping, or barking.
-He or she is fearful or shy of new people or situations, or is overly exuberant, dominant or pushy.
-You would like your dog to learn tasks that will assist you with a disability, and have your dog trained appropriately to go out in public with you.
-You would like your dog to be trained to be a safe and reliable protector, or even just to act like one.
-You don't have the time or incentive to learn how to train your own dog, but you would still love to have the freedom and enjoyment that having a well behaved dog allows.

We begin any customized training program with a consultation in which your dog will be evaluated and your specific problems and needs will be discussed. From there we will design a program to fit both you and your dog and accomplish your goals. Consultations usually run about an hour long and can be arranged at your home or at the Steadfast facility.
Training programs will be set up in one of two ways, or a combination of the two:

1)Individualized training.
Sessions can be arranged at your home (or another location) in the Edmonton area or at the Steadfast facility. If your problems are small we can often resolve them in just one meeting.

2)Board and train.
Dogs will be kept full time for (generally) one to three weeks and trained. Owners will then be taught how to properly handle, trouble shoot and transfer the training. All board and train programs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the dog. Prices start at $1400.00.

Please call to set up your consultation, I'm looking forward to working with you and your dog.

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